Where To Play Pinball in Orange County, CA

Aliso Viejo Aliso Vieja Ice Palace
9 Journey
Batman Forever Poor   5/1/13
Black Hole Playable   5/1/13
Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man Playable   5/1/13
Space Shuttle Playable   5/1/13
Edward's Aliso Viejo Stadium 20
26701 Aliso Creek Road
Simpsons Pinball Party Nice  


Anaheim Angel's Sports Bar
3020 E. Coronado St.
Cue Ball Wizard Playable   5/19/11
1210 S. State College Blvd.
Elvis Outstanding  


Camalot Golfland
1041 N. Shepard St.
Monopoly Busted 5/19/11
Pirates of the Caribbean Nice
RollerCoaster Tycoon Poor
Simpsons Pinball Party Busted
Century Stadium 25
1701 W. Katella Ave.
N/A     5/1/14
Concourse Bowling Center
3364 E. La Palma Ave.
Pirates of the Caribbean Nice   5/19/11
1313 S. Harbor Blvd.
Cyclone Outstanding   4/1/13
Indiana Jones (For Display Only) Customized


Tron Outstanding   4/1/13
Disneyland Hotel
1150 W. Magic Way
Sharkey's Shootout Busted   5/5/04
Disney's Grand Californian Hotel (California Adventure)
1600 S. Disneyland Dr.
Simpsons Pinball Party Playable 6/20/04
Terminator 3 Busted
Linbrook Bowl
201 S. Brookhurst St.
Attack from Mars Poor   7/13/11
Ironman Outstanding  
Buena Park Knott's Berry Farm
8039 Beach Blvd.
Twilight Zone Fair  


White Water Busted  
7861 Beach Blvd.
Monopoly Busted   3/2/09
Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum
7850 Beach Blvd.
Ripley's Believe it or Not! Playable   2/15/05
Costa Mesa Games Plus Billiards
518 W. 19th St.
Ripley's Believe it or Not! Poor   2/27/13
Simpsons Pinball Party Playable  
Goat Hill Tavern
1831 Newport Blvd.
Monopoly Busted   8/31/04
Skosh Monahan's
2000 Newport Blvd.
Shrek Playable   5/13/14
Tony's Place
2052 Newport Blvd. #15
Sopranos Busted   7/19/11
Diamond Bar
Oak Tree Lanes
990 N. Diamond Bar Blvd.
Cue Ball Wizard Nice   12/15/10
Simpsons Pinball Party Nice  
El Toro
Lampost Pizza
22421 El Toro Rd # M
Harley Davidson 2nd Edition Nice   5/5/04
Revenge From Mars Nice  
Simpsons Pinball Party Fair  
Foothill Ranch Chuck E. Cheese
26562 Towne Centre Dr.
Simpsons Pinball Party ?   5/5/04
Fountain Valley Lamppost Pizza
10130 Warner Ave.
Monopoly Nice   7/21/10
Fountain Bowl
17110 S. Brookhurst St.
Pirates of the Caribbean Playable   7/21/10
3920 N. Harbor Blvd
Sopranos Excellent   8/6/12
Philly's Best
18691 Brookhurst St.
Lethal Weapon Nice   7/6/11
T&T Frolic
8896 Warner Ave.
Game Show Busted   9/14/04
Fullerton AMF Bowling Centers
1501 S. Lemon St.
NASCAR Nice   5/19/11
Comic Book Hideout
215 W. Commonwealth
Grand Lizard Excellent   5/13/14
Stern Star Trek Excellent  
Pallazzo's Pizzaria
3228 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Fish Tales Excellent   5/13/14
Stern Indiana Jones Excellent  
Red and Ted's Road Show Excellent  
Rollergames Excellent  
Round Table
2506 E. Chapman Ave.
Fish Tales Nice   5/19/11
Garden Grove Crystal Hand Car Wash
12592 Chapman Ave.
Getaway ?   5/27/04
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ?  
Main Street Pizza
12926 Main Street
Attack From Mars Nice   5/17/04
South Park Nice  
Red Robin
12011 Harbor Blvd.
Red & Ted's Road Show Playable   6/20/04
AMF Valley View Lanes
12141 Valley View St.
AC/DC Fair   9/10/15
Family Guy Playable  
Huntington Beach Bella Terra Theatres
7777 Edinger Ave.
Stern Indiana Jones Nice   4/1/13
Hyatt Hotel
21500 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Ripley's Believe it or Not! Nice   9/15/04
Inferno Lounge
18862 Beach Blvd.
Harley Davidson Nice 9/14/04
Perry's Pizza
6501 Edinger Ave.
Spiderman Excellent   8/6/12
Regency Charter Cinemas
7882 Warner Ave.
Simpsons Pinball Party Fair   4/1/13
Skate Zone
16091 Gothard St.
Dr. Who Busted   5/13/04
Two Brother's Pizza
19065 Beach Blvd.
Jackbot Nice   8/6/12
Two Brother's Pizza
6841 Warner Ave.
Jackbot Fair   4/1/13
Woody's Diner
7871 Warner Ave.
Elvis Fair   8/6/12
Tee'd Off Poor  
Irvine Boomers
3405 Michelson Dr.
Family Guy Outstanding   4/1/13
Edwards Theatre
65 Fortune Dr.
NONE N/A   7/24/11
3150 Barra
Pirates of the Caribbean Nice   1/16/10
Austin Powers Playable  
Irvine Lanes
3415 Michelson Dr.
Shrek Playable   4/12/13
Irvine Roller Hockey Center
3150 Barranca Pkwy.
South Park Busted   7/26/10
WWF Royal Rumble Busted   7/26/10

Ray's Pizza
4199 Campus Dr.

Terminator 2 Playable   11/21/10
Laguna Niguel Ball Park Pizza
30120 Town Center Dr.
Indiana Jones (Stern) Outstanding   10/31/08
Monster Bash Nice  
Lake Forest $6 Barber Terminator 2 Playable   5/5/04
Lake Forest Ice Palace
25821 Atlantic Ocean Dr.
Batman Forever Nice   10/4/14
Frankenstein Nice  
Gilligan's Island Nice  
High Speed Nice  
Phantom of the Opera Nice  
Strange Science Playable  
Xenon Busted  
Southern California Pizza Batman the Dark Knight Outstanding   8/6/12
Mission Viejo Lampost Pizza
25102 Marguerite Pkwy.
Pirates of the Caribbean Playable   10/9/06
Round Table Pizza
25290 Marguerite Pkwy. #D
Newport Beach Balboa Saloon
700 E. Bay Ave.
High Roller Casino Outstanding  


Bay Arcade
706 E. Bay Ave.
Indiana Jones (Stern)
Nice   11/30/08
Pizza Pete's
700 E. Bay Ave.
Party Zone
Nice   11/30/08
Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizza Store
2300 SE Briston St.
Monopoly Nice   4/1/13
Newport Coast Marriott Newport Coast Villas (Timeshare)
73000 Newport Coast Dr.
Batman the Dark Knight Excellent   1/25/12
Ironman Outstanding  
Orange Lampost Pizza
1829 E. Chapman Ave.
NASCAR Fair   7/21/10
Round Table Pizza
1737 E. Katella Ave.
High Speed 2 The Getaway Fair   7/21/10
Zito's Pizza
2036 N. Tustin St.
Simpsons Pinball Party Poor   7/9/14
Zito's Pizza
1716 W. Chapman Ave.
Monopoly Poor   7/9/14
Rancho Santa Margarita Ballpark Pizza
22431 Antonio Pkwy. #B110
Lord of the Rings Fair 2/4/08
Simpsons Pinball Party Poor   2/4/08
San Clemente Pizza Port
301 N. El Camino Real
Pirates of the Caribbean Nice   7/24/11
Round Table
612 Camino De Los Mares
Scared Stiff Poor   7/24/11
San Juan Capistrano San Juan Depot Bar and Grill
26701 Verdugo St. #B
Theatre of Magic Playable   5/13/04
Ball Park Pizza
31654 Rancho Viejo Rd. #H
Indy 500 Nice   5/16/13
Simpsons Pinball Party Poor    
Santa Ana Red Robin
1307 W. Sunflower Ave.
Simpsons Pinball Party Playable   7/21/10
Cameron's Place Video Games
626 Harbor Blvd.
Simpsons Pinball Party Fair   1/16/10

Round Table
2860 S Bristol St # C2

Creature from the Black Lagoon Playable   1/29/06
Round Table
1212 E. 17th St.
The Addams Family Nice   12/3/13
Seal Beach Rossmoor Bowl
12311 Seal Beach Blvd.
Striker Extreme Playable   8/31/04
Tustin Godfather's I
420 E. 1st St.
Austin Powers Nice   11/14/05
R&R's Pizza
14201 Red Hill Ave.
Revenge From Mars ?   5/13/04
Simpsons Pinball Party ?  
Tustin Inn
440 E. 1st St.
Family Guy Nice   2/24/08
Tustin Lanes
1091 Irvine Blvd.
Family Guy Playable   9/24/09
Hook Poor  
Simpsons Pinball Party Poor  
South Park Nice  
Westminster The Sundown
8568 Westminster Blvd.
Back to the Future Fair   9/14/04
Hard Body Nice  
Yorba Linda Graziano Pizza
17487 Imperial Hwy.
Sopranos Nice   12/9/08
Round Table Pizza
18518 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Jackbot Fair   12/9/08
Yorba Linda Bowl
18171 Imperial Hwy.
Revenge from Mars Nice   12/9/08

Outstanding Nice Fair Playable Poor Busted
100% working, Great looking and clean game. Works 100%, may be a little dirty in need of wax. Working good, needs to be cleaned. Working just enough to play, may have some issues. Not playing very well, very dirty in need of some TLC Out of Order

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